How to Maintain Your Vehicle

4 Vital Considerations During Your Initial Car Servicing

After buying or importing your vehicle, you must take it for immediate car service and inspection. This way, you'll ensure a trouble-free experience while using the car over the years. This post will discuss essential things to consider during your first car service. Continue reading to learn five crucial things you should check and do for your car.

Car Inspection Is Key 

Before servicing, it's essential to take the car to a trusted mechanic for a comprehensive electrical and mechanical inspection. Doing this helps determine the car's overall health. Ideally, the mechanic checks the vehicle's drive train and suspension systems to determine whether there is any wear and tear in the shock absorbers, bushes and arms, etc. 

During an electrical inspection, your mechanic inserts an onboard diagnostic tool that checks the car's airflow, fuel and exhaust systems, among many other features. After concluding the review, the mechanic generates a report highlighting the vehicle's condition. Additionally, the report may state components that require replacement.

Initial Servicing Kit    

After purchasing a new car, it's crucial to open a file that lists the service costs from the start. The first service is usually the major one and involves things such as oil change and replacement, spark plugs, air filters, brake pads, and sensor cleaning. Car service can be costly and can last up to six months. While this may be expensive and time-consuming, it'll ensure your car is safe for driving.

Shock Absorber Replacement

In case your mechanic recommends shock absorber replacement, consider using heavy-duty products from a reputable manufacturer. Avoid cheap shocks, which only function for a few months and fail in less than a year. Besides, when you need to increase your vehicle's height, consider using heavy-duty coil springs and avoid spacers which affect your car's centre of gravity (COG). Remember, most insurance companies do not pay up after an accident in case you fit your vehicle with spacers.

Body Works and Treatment

Imported cars may fade in colour because of the time they stay aboard ships because of oxidation from salty waters and air. Thus, it would be wise to visit a car paint shop to rejuvenate your vehicle's colour. Here, mechanics usually buff the car with anti-oxidation compounds to restore it to a brand-new state. Besides, you may want to replace low-profile tires with high-profile ones for an excellent performance.

These are the four vital considerations during your first car service. They'll ensure your new car runs smoothly without common problems associated with vehicles that don't undergo initial servicing.