How to Maintain Your Vehicle

Oil Filter Wrenches And How To Use Them Well

Oil filter changes are an essential part of any regular car service. A time comes when you might have to do some do-it-yourself maintenance, such as cleaning the oil filter to keep the engine in good shape. It happens quite a lot, depending on the usage of the vehicle and the amount of dirt that your engine oil encounters. When such a need arises, a little knowledge of how you can use an oil filter wrench will come in handy. A wrench is a tool you can use when you want to remove your oil filter and do some maintenance. Here is a look at some types of oil filter wrenches and the steps you should follow when using them:

Strap-Style Oil Filter Wrench

Just as their name suggests, strap-style wrenches come with a fabric strap for gripping your oil filter as you remove it from the socket. The strap passes over the top section of the oil filter, and when you tighten it, you can lift the handle of the wrench to consolidate the grip even further. Applying more pressure to the set-up should loosen the oil filter gradually.

Socket-Style Oil Filter Wrench

Socket-style wrenches resemble large hand wrenches. However, they have a more liberal metal fitting that enhances the grip you get on the oil filter. This wrench also comes with a ring that wraps around the oil filter until there is a firm grip. You then lift the wrench's handle so that the oil filter starts to unthread slowly, and you can eventually remove it from its socket.

The socket-style wrench has a similar working mechanism to the strap-style wrench. The only difference is the mechanism used to grip the oil filter and the need to apply pressure on the strap-style wrench to remove the oil filter.

Specialist Oil Filter Wrench

In some vehicle models, the manufacturer positions the oil filter uniquely to maximise space for the engine and other features. Such configurations may mean that the oil filter is difficult to access and remove using a strap- or socket-style wrench. Specialist wrenches may be needed, and they differ greatly depending on the model of the vehicle. Your best bet would be to consult a vendor or mechanic who understands your vehicle before investing in an oil filter wrench.

If you have difficulty using an oil filter wrench, call in a professional to take you through the process or to get any other help with European car servicing. You can then proceed with cleaning the oil filter and other maintenance works.