How to Maintain Your Vehicle

What is involved in repairing a new sports car?

With a new sports car costing lots of money, servicing and repair costs are likely to be an important factor in determining which model to buy. Sports cars have reputations as high-end, high-class vehicles, and anyone buying one will want to make sure that the status of the car is maintained throughout its life.

Servicing and repairs

Repair costs can be a big part of any servicing bill, and it can be quite difficult to gauge in advance what they are likely to be. What is important is to get an idea of what a standard service is likely to involve, how often it has to be carried out, and what it is likely to cost.

Outside of normal service, repair costs can be determined by the warranty of the vehicle, where the work is being done and whether or not it is an insurance claim.

Insurance claims

If the sports car has been involved in any type of accident or incident that necessitates repairs, then it is likely that the owner's insurance company will become involved. This is true no matter who was at fault for the accident and no matter what the extent of the damage is.

In an ideal world, the insurance company will pay for all repairs and the owner of the sports car will be able to drive away happy afterwards. Whilst this does happen, there is one important caveat that really relates to where the repair work is being done. The insurance company may have their own preferred repairer, or they may give the owner of the vehicle a choice of two or three repair shops.

The only problem with this is that it can prevent the owner from going to their own preferred sports car dealer in order to get the repairs done. The way around this dilemma is to clarify it with the insurance company when the policy is taken out or at renewal. It may not specify in the policy where the repairs have to be done, but this is something that can be clarified with the insurance company upfront.


A repair shop or a sports car dealer should be upfront about its costs before any work is done. These costs relate to mechanical parts such as a gearbox or a new engine, as well as labour costs. This should give the owner some indication of what the eventual repair cost might be.

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