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What to Do When Your Window Winder Won't

Life can be straightforward when everything works as it should but can get complicated very quickly when something that engineers have designed as a shortcut fails to cooperate. You may have found that your window winding mechanism no longer does its work and, as it is electrically operated, you may not be able to resort to the old-fashioned winder. What could be wrong here, and is the issue electrical or merely mechanical?

Understanding the Challenge

Most modern-day power window systems are based on the traditional design but have a switch and motor mechanism attached. You simply need to activate the switch and the electric motor will do all the hard work instead, so long as the components remain in good condition.

As you may expect, there is a degree of complexity here as most vehicles have a multiple switch set-up. This arrangement will allow the driver to activate all of the windows from where they sit, while the windows can also be operated from their respective places in the car.

Swapping Out the Fuse

A single fuse guards the entire power window circuit, and you should have a look at this first to see if it is still working. If you swap the fuse out and are still encountering a problem, then you need to determine whether electrical power is reaching the switch and, subsequently, the motor.

Testing the Circuit

If you have a test light and like some exploration, then you may be able to trace the wiring from the fuse box to each switch and motor. More often than not, however, the problem is related to a motor that has seen its better days, and you may need to get it replaced.

Checking the Mechanics

If you can take the interior panel away from each door without too much drama, then you should be able to inspect the mechanical linkage before you go any further. If you can see any misalignment or have found something that appears to be getting in the way of the gear operation, then this may have caused the motor to overheat and burnout in the first place. Just be careful if you try to remove the foreign object with an active ignition, as the gear could spring into action without warning.

Getting Help

Take the vehicle into an auto electrical repair technician if you need further help, especially if you need to replace the motor. This technician will be able to check the entire system for any additional faults and get you on your way.