How to Maintain Your Vehicle

4 Repairs That You Should Complete Before a Long-Distance Trip

Whether you're exploring the countryside during summer or driving through wet weather in cold months, you should always consider the state of your car before taking it for long trips. Many vehicle repairs can typically be postponed to a later date. However, there are some types of repairs that should be given urgent attention, especially before hitting the road for hours at a time. Make sure you don't postpone the following repairs when planning a long-distance trip.

1. Engine overheating

An overheating engine is one of the most significant issues you can face on long trips. Overheating causes the engine to shut down and the car to turn off, even in the middle of the road. If you drive with engine overheating issues, you may end up stranded with your vehicle.

There are many reasons why your engine might overheat. The coolant fluid may be leaking, your radiator may be damaged, or the hoses that transport coolant to the engine may be blocked/leaking. Have a car repair service inspect the engine and radiator assembly for any of the above issues. You may need to have leaks patched up or even get the radiator replaced if your vehicle can't keep the engine cool.

2. Leaking engine oil

In addition to leaking coolant, you shouldn't ignore leaking engine oil in your vehicle. Your engine is a large collection of moving parts that work together to combust fuel into kinetic energy. If these moving parts aren't properly lubricated, you may end up with engine knock or, even worse, a hole in your engine chassis.

You can tell if you have leaking oil by checking underneath your vehicle (when parked), checking for unusual noises from the engine and having the vehicle inspected by your car repair service.

3. Damaged wipers

The weather tends to be unpredictable during long road trips. If you were expecting sunshine all the way through, you might end up experiencing heavy rains for a portion of the trip. This is why your wipers should be functioning at their best. If your blades are worn out, your sprinklers are damaged or your screws are loose, you should have the issue repaired prior to hitting the road. Damaged wipers can interfere with your visibility while driving.

4. Worn-out tyres

Worn-out tyres are another recipe for disaster during long trips. Low tread can result in a slippery driving experience, problems braking and steering challenges. This is why you should replace all worn-out tyres with new ones and of the right size and treading depth. Proper tyres will provide enough grip and manoeuvrability.

Contact a local auto shop to learn more about making your vehicle roadworthy.