How to Maintain Your Vehicle

Four Common Brake Problem Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

Your vehicle is a precision automobile whose longevity will depend on how well its parts are taken care of. One of these parts is the brakes. The brakes are important for the vehicle's functioning, your safety and the safety of other road users. The key to cost-efficient auto maintenance is recognizing problems and attending to them early. Brakes are an important component and fortunately, they do give some early signals whenever they are due for replacement or repairs. Here are four warning signs you should always look out for.

Vibration on Braking

A pulsating brake pedal through your foot when braking possibly means that your rotors could be warped. The rotor wears out over time, causing its surface to be uneven. The vibration you feel is probably because the pads are unable to make contact with the surface evenly. Ideally, you want smooth rotors with an even thickness. Warped rotors are a risk as they reduce the efficiency of your braking system. 

Squeaky or Grinding Sounds

Worn out brake pads produce a high-pitched sound when braking. This happens because they are made of steel and is an indicator that they need replacement. Worn out pads cause damage to other parts and lead to costly repairs, so it's wise to get them checked early.

You might also hear an unnerving grinding sound while braking. This could mean a couple of things; insufficient lubrication with your rear drums, a rock stuck in the calliper unit, or simply that you've skipped brake servicing for too long. Have your brake system checked as soon as you hear these sounds.

Left or Right Veering While Braking

If your vehicle pulls to either side while braking, you probably have an uneven brake lining or a calliper problem. This happens when one calliper applies more pressure than the others causing uneven braking. If you experience this symptom, have your brakes checked out by a professional.

Burning Odor While Driving

When the braking system is overheated, it releases a burning chemical smell that you can't miss. This will normally happen to your vehicle when in harsh driving conditions, say a steep road. When it does happen, pull over to the side and give it some time to cool off to avoid damage to other parts and possible total brake failure.

For many car owners, the brakes are often overlooked, which shouldn't be the case as it exposes you and your passengers to unnecessary risk. If you notice any of the signs above, get into a car repair shop for a quick diagnosis. Keeping your brakes in good shape prevents damage and, most importantly, keeps you safe.