How to Maintain Your Vehicle

Can You Repair Warped Brake Discs?

Most modern-day vehicles are equipped with a set of brake discs, front and rear. This is typically felt to be the most efficient solution today, but you will need to keep a close eye on this system and make repairs, replacements or adjustments as needed. But did you know that you may have to repair the brake discs themselves on occasion, as they can also wear down? What type of work will be required here?

Braking Action

For the system to slow the vehicle down, friction pads rub up against each disc whenever you put your foot on the brake pedal. By their very nature, these pads are meant to wear down as a very small piece of the friction material is worn off on every occasion. You'll certainly need to replace those brake pads at manufacturer recommended intervals, but this entire action may also cause issues with the disc.

Warped Discs

Brake discs are designed to work in hostile conditions, and they can often heat up to incredible temperatures if you drive along twisty roads that require constant adjustment of speed. Sometimes, the discs will begin to wear down and often unevenly, and while it may take some time for this to happen, it can inevitably lead to problems.

Signs of Shuddering

For example, you may notice that the vehicle tends to pull to one side when you are attempting to slow down. Alternatively, you may feel a vibration that comes all the way up through the steering column into your hands. These events suggest that the brake discs have warped, which is leading to brake shudder, and you need to take action as soon as possible.

Machining Option

The good news is the brake disc manufacturers build in a certain amount of extra iron, so the discs can be machined on a lathe if needed. This equipment can shave off just enough of this iron to recreate the original efficiency and get rid of that shuddering effect altogether. In fact, it may be possible to perform this action more than once on a given set of brake discs, but eventually, they may need to be replaced altogether, as they will have run out of spare capacity.

Getting Expert Advice

So, if you've noticed the tell-tale effects of shudder, take the vehicle to a mechanic for brake repairs. They'll tell you if the discs can be machined and, if so, can quickly get you back up to speed.