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3 Common Windscreen Wiper Faults

While you don't generally pay much attention to your car's windscreen wipers, you will notice when they stop working correctly. You shouldn't ignore signs of faults or damage to these parts but should arrange a quick fix. If your windscreen wipers don't do their job, then your safety is compromised.

Read on to learn more about common windscreen wiper problems.  

1. Wipers Don't Clear Rain Off Your Windscreen

Your windscreen wipers have blades that run along the wiper arms. These blades push water off the windscreen as the arms move.

Blades don't last forever. They will wear down over time. Sometimes, parts of the blade get damaged or break off. When this happens, the blade doesn't have the coverage to clear water off your windscreen effectively.

While this might not seem a big deal, it is a safety hazard. If wipers don't clear rain off your windscreen, then you don't have full visibility. You could have an accident.

If your blades are worn or damaged, then you can fix your wiper problems easily enough. You simply have to put new blades on the arms. If you've never done this before, then your auto shop can do the job for you.

2. Wipers Make Scratching Sounds As They Move

Sometimes a problem wiper will make unusual noises as it moves across your windscreen. You might hear scratching sounds.

Again, this is often caused by a worn blade. Here, the wear will be so bad that the wiper arm touches the windscreen. This arm doesn't have any cushioning so it will move abrasively on the glass. Alternatively, a wiper might have bent out of shape making it drag along the windscreen.

You should replace your blades or have the arm fixed or replaced as soon as you can here. Wipers that have lost blade cushioning or that scrape the glass can scratch your windscreen leading to a more costly repair or screen replacement.

3. Wipers Don't Move 

Sometimes, your wiper arms and blades are in good condition, but one or both of your wipers stop working. You turn them on but nothing happens.

A wiper shutdown has various causes. For example, your system might have a loose connection, broken wire or damaged fuse. Its motor might have broken down. Or, the nuts that help control the wipers might work loose and prevent them from moving. You'll need help from a mechanic to diagnose and fix these problems.

So, if your windscreen wipers aren't working at all or are behaving unusually, then ask your local auto repair shop for help.