4 Vital Considerations During Your Initial Car Servicing

After buying or importing your vehicle, you must take it for immediate car service and inspection. This way, you'll ensure a trouble-free experience while using the car over the years. This post will discuss essential things to consider during your first car service. Continue reading to learn five crucial things you should check and do for your car. Car Inspection Is Key  Before servicing, it's essential to take the car to a trusted mechanic for a comprehensive electrical and mechanical inspection. [Read More]

Dealing with three of the Most Common Automatic Transmission Problems

The automatic transmission is one of the critical systems on your vehicle. How well you care for this system is what determines how long and how well the system will serve you. It is unfortunate that so many vehicle owners do not understand the transmission actually costs more to replace than the vehicle's engine and, therefore, sometimes, they will ignore its issues. Here are the three signs of issues that you should not ignore when it comes to your automatic transmission. [Read More]