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3 Common Windscreen Wiper Faults

While you don't generally pay much attention to your car's windscreen wipers, you will notice when they stop working correctly. You shouldn't ignore signs of faults or damage to these parts but should arrange a quick fix. If your windscreen wipers don't do their job, then your safety is compromised. Read on to learn more about common windscreen wiper problems.   1. Wipers Don't Clear Rain Off Your Windscreen Your windscreen wipers have blades that run along the wiper arms.

Why Engine Oil Can Only Do So Much in a Modern-Day Automobile

It's no secret that modern-day automobiles are much more reliable than their older counterparts. This means that people can confidently buy new vehicles that have come onto the marketplace without worrying about any major mechanical malfunctions down the road. Manufacturers can certainly rely on technological advances and experience to help them design and build such cars. However, owners will still have to take certain actions if they want their vehicles to perform as expected.

Should You Attempt to Fix a Small Dent on Your Car by Yourself?

If you've walked out of the supermarket to find that someone has caused some minor damage to your car and fled the scene, you'll be less than happy. It seems that they allowed their door to fly open unchecked, resulting in a fist-sized dent on the side of your vehicle that will require some attention. Is this something you can handle yourself, and how should you approach it? Assessing Your Options

How Do You Know If You Have A Faulty Thermostat In Your Car?

You don't have to know much about how a car operates to appreciate that your engine needs a sufficient amount of coolant to work correctly. After all, the internal temperature can rise to an incredible level, and if the coolant is not regulated, bigger problems are ahead. Yet you may not know about one simple device that sits at the centre of the cooling process. Why should you be aware of your vehicle's thermostat and know what to do should something go wrong?

Can You Repair Warped Brake Discs?

Most modern-day vehicles are equipped with a set of brake discs, front and rear. This is typically felt to be the most efficient solution today, but you will need to keep a close eye on this system and make repairs, replacements or adjustments as needed. But did you know that you may have to repair the brake discs themselves on occasion, as they can also wear down? What type of work will be required here?

Tyres and Servicing: Your Questions Answered

If you have recently purchased your first car, you may be wondering about having the tyres serviced. This article answers some common questions. Q: What is the purpose of getting your car's tyres serviced? A: The process of having your car's tyres serviced entails altering the amount of air in them and checking their tread depth and contour. Doing this is vital for several reasons: it improves grip, ensures you're driving safely, and saves petrol by maintaining traction.

The Different Reasons Why Your Car's Fuel Economy Can Fall

No matter how well you look after your car, its fuel efficiency is bound to decline as the vehicle ages. That said, a sudden drop in fuel economy is never a good sign as it indicates that your car may have a failed component.  While there are many reasons why your vehicle's fuel consumption rate may suddenly increase, below are some of the usual culprits. A failing engine Your car's engine is made up of several parts that work together to convert the chemical energy in fuel into the mechanical energy needed for the vehicle to move.

What Can Automatic Transmission Services Do When You’re Purchasing a Used Car?

When purchasing a used car, it's sometimes useful to get a little bit of help. Of course, it's useful to get help from a good car sales professional or dealer who will help you find the right used car for you. However, you may also need to work with others, such as those who are experienced with inspecting, maintaining, and repairing vehicles. For example, if the vehicle has an automatic transmission, then you may want to check out local automatic transmission services.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Panel Beaters

Accidents, whether big or small, are likely to cause damage to your car's body. When this happens, you have the option of fixing your car by yourself or taking it to professional panel beaters. Choosing to fix the dents and scratches on your car can be cost-saving, but it could make the matter worse. Find out why it is better to hire professional panel beaters. They Make Your Car Roadworthy Again

3 Major Signs That Your Auto Oil Cooler Is About to Breakdown

Your car will give you various signs to let you know when your vehicle's oil cooler has issues. Sadly, some of these signs may also represent problems with other auto components. That's why it is necessary to get a visual engine inspection to confirm that there are no issues with the oil cooler. However, some signs, such as radiator enlargement, are a clear indication of oil cooler damage Here are more indications that you need professional oil cooler servicing.